Our Story

Schoolin Life for Simply Legendary Productions was founded by Alexia R. Robinson, an award-winning journalist, graphic designer and educator. The Florida A&M University graduate has a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Magazine Production and has been a graphic designer since 2005. She launched Simply Legendary Productions, LLC, an event management and graphic design firm in 2015.

Schoolin Life is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. Our team has created branding materials for the Florida Department of Education, Florida A & M University, Duval County Public Schools and the Escambia County School District in addition to several other small businesses throughout the United States.

Our company is passionate about empowering women and educating the next generation of leaders. Our mantra is, “Trust God and hustle,” because we believe that faith without works is dead, therefore we published The Vision-Driven Lifestyle Planner in 2019. Volumes I - III are available now under collections.